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Photosota: A Minnesota Photography Project

A Minnesota Photography Project

With taking on a typical 8-5 job schedule, I’ve found it difficult to stay on top of my interests while also trying to add important new things to my life like exercise. While being located close to home lets me get in a 20-minute guitar practice over lunch, more time-intensive activities have taken a hit–particularly my photography.

So I’ve decided to start developing a project for myself that will not only give me opportunities to hone my photography skills but also travel throughout this state I call home. The working title of this project is Photosota: A Minnesota Photography Project. I know, super clever, right?

Some favorite resources for this project
  • Explore Minnesota: I’ve been using Minnesota’s tourism site–it’s actually pretty impressive–to locate key areas I want to visit, and I found it useful to break Minnesota into regions like they did. You can see some of the cities/towns I’m hoping to get to in each region above.
  • Capture Minnesota: Shortly after deciding on this project, I stumbled across this site that is solely dedicated to Minnesota photography. I immediately joined and uploaded a few photos, but I quickly realized that I could also find great places for photography by seeing where some of my favorite photos were taken!
  • CouchSurfing: I’ve been wanting to try CouchSurfing for a long time, and we recently successfully hosted our first surfers in our apartment. I’m hoping now to be the surfer as I travel around Minnesota, and I know that there are available hosts at least in Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth. For those not familiar with CouchSurfing, check out the site. Essentially, people open up their couches/spare rooms/etc. to travelers and reap the benefits of meeting new people and hearing great stories.

Now I just have to be diligent in setting up visits and getting myself out there!

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